Your “one-stop shop” for Sports Betting in Brazil


We speak global but we act local.
We offers a comprehensive Country Management package for Sportbetting brands interested in the Brazilian Sportbetting market. By planning and executing comprehensive go-to-market strategy we are able to leverage acquisition and affiliation local channels in order to build a strong brand awareness and reputation for your brand reaching agreed KPIs

Our Mission is to “tropicalize” your product, meeting local requirements and flavours, working persistently to be the “one stop shop” for Sportbetting brands in Brazil.


Country management

We act as SPOC (single-point-of-contact) for your team, enabling your product to be tailored for the local needs. We guide you in providing to your customer base with content, promotions, messages and communication with third parties like local payment methods and acquisition networks, most of the time with the local lingo.

Customer Service

Providing you with a local customer service team in no time, cost-effective and tailored to your need. It will make the communication inbound & outbound towards customers effective, reliable and profitable.

Acquisition management

We have access to global media partners thus leveraging the growth of your brand awareness and reputation fast and targeting your specific audience within budget.

Local direct marketing

We are in Brazil and we can act locally anytime you need. Partnering with the most reliable local agencies you’ll be able to easily organize on-field activities and off-line campaigns to add further value to your brand positioning.

Affiliation management

We have built direct relations with either international affiliate networks or local affiliates, it will give you the right start to the whole operation smoothly and costs wise. Do not worry about managing affiliates will make you focus on the core of your business, your product.


This is the “nitro” of the marketing strategy: once you are confident to give your brand a boost, nothing is more appropriate than a sponsorship. We deal directly with local football clubs, federations, athletes, licensed agencies with no extra cost for you.


2F Marketing Consulting was founded at the end of 2017 and has its office located in Brazil.
We are a team of specialists gathering some decade of experience in the Brazilian Gaming market.

Our Vision is to be recognized as the partner that speaks the truth to power and, ultimately for the quality of service, the ethic of work and the capacity to deliver tangible results for the clients.



By speaking the truth to power, we approach our customers with ethic, we tell them what they need to do in order to be successfull in the local market, what they have to do differently.


By simply do what is right


We communicate with our partners with great respect and we demand the same from them too


We enjoy a lot what we do and we always look for develop new skills


Everything we do is oriented to make our clients to grow long-term

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Address: Avenida Vice-Presidente José de Alencar, 1515 – 22775-033
Rio de Janeiro – Brazil